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HERCAMPUS NYUSara Nason and Arsh Harjani: Co-Founders of ResistX and Fearless Self-Organizers of Change
From the Women’s March, which was the the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history, to the almost instantaneous gathering at JFK airport in opposition to President Trump’s executive order on immigration, the people have made it clear that they refuse to be silent. In response, NYU Juniors Sara Nason and Arsh Harjani boldly took matters into their own hands, and created their very own platform, ResistX, to ensure that New Yorkers are always informed of what protests are going on, when and where.
WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWSNYU Students Create Service to Bring Protests to Your Phone
Students will never have to worry about missing a protest again with the creation ResistX — an SMS and email service developed by two NYU students that alerts users about the time and location of future protests. “What ResistX does, in the context of widespread sentiment throughout this city and country, is provide a network for individuals to come together on a larger scale — sending bold statements straight to our government about what we will and what we will not stand for.”
NYU LOCALTwo NYU Students Created an App to Keep New Yorkers Up-To-Date on Local Protests
Arsh Harjani and Sara Nason were inspired by a protest they were attending. Keeping up with all the local protests can be difficult. Enter ResistX. Co-created by NYU students Arsh Harjani (Tisch ’18) and Sara Nason (Gallatin ’18), ResistX is an SMS and email service designed to keep New Yorkers up-to-date on local protests. Local spoke to Nason and Harjani about its creation and rollout.
NYU LOCALIntro to Political Activism for the Young and Afraid
Go to protests. Even if you’re not directly affected. Especially if you’re not directly affected. Protests are an important way of speaking out about current issues. Even if you don’t feel directly affected by a particular current event, understand its significance on those around you. If you attended the Women’s March, that’s wonderful! Now learn about other protests concerning issues such as the immigration ban, LGBT rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. If you’re in the New York City area, you can use ResistX, a service created by two NYU students, to keep up-to-date with those in the area.